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Substance Painter

Goat character

Character with Blender, ZBrush and Substance Painter

This is a great sculpting and 3d painting tutorial by Pierrick Picaut you can follow along on his youtube channel. He is using the tools Blender, ...
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Albedo with a bit of red in shader

Texture painting Blender monster

The retopo and uv-unwrapping for the sculpting of my little monster in Blender is done, now I will texturepaint it in Blender. (mehr …)
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Export Substance painter to Unity 5

Substance painter export to Unity 5

In the last tutorial we used Substance Painter and smart materials to create metal textures for our fork model created with Blender. Now we will ...
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2 smart materials

Substance Painter tutorial: Smart materials

In this tutorial we use the feature Smart Materials of Substance Painter 1.3 to create a metal texture for a fork we created with Blender. (mehr&...
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