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Turn head into a plant pot using photoshop

Photoshop Head manipulation tutorial

This is a photoshop tutorial in which you can learn how to turn your head into a plant pot. It's done with photomanipulation and matte painting ...
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Nose with light and shadow

Painting a nose tutorial with Krita or Photoshop

This is a tutorial on how to paint a nose with Krita, Photoshop or any other digital painting tool. (mehr …)
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Photoshop Manipulation Tutrial

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial: Lost at sea

Here is a next Photoshop tutorial from the youtuber Photoshop Tutorials which is about Manipulation techniques. (mehr …)
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Photoshop comicbook effect

Photoshop retro comicbook effect

In this Photoshop tutorial the youtuber Photoshop Tutorials shows how to give a normal photo a retro style comicbook effect. (mehr …)
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