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Hardops Addon Blender

Blender Hardops Addon tutorial

This is a demo and tutorial from masterxeon1001 about the Blender Addon Hardops which is in version 0.0.6 now.  (mehr …)
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3D Studio Max modeling

3DSMax tutorial modeling sphericon for 3d printing

In this 3D Studio Max tutorial John Malcolm brings us the knowledge how to create a nice Sphericon Pendant you can use for 3D printing. (mehr...
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Eye model in Blender

Blender modeling Eye tutorial

Did you every try to model an eye with Blender? This is a nice tutorial for professional looking eyes from César Salcedo. (mehr …)
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Toothbrush model with Blender

Sculpting a toothbrush with Blender and Fusion 360

This is a long and very impressive Blender and Fusion 360 tutorial from Claas Kuhnen modeling a toothbrush. (mehr …)
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Albedo with a bit of red in shader

Texture painting Blender monster

The retopo and uv-unwrapping for the sculpting of my little monster in Blender is done, now I will texturepaint it in Blender. (mehr …)
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Rig Human Male Basemesh with Blender

Rig Human Male Basemesh with Blender

This is article about rigging a human male basemesh with Blender 2.69 for animation. The video is from Alimayo Arango, the explanations are very ...
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ZBrush ZModeler Split

ZBrush ZModeler tutorial: Split

The new ZBrush ZModeler brush is a mighty tool with many functions and possibilities. In this tutorial we want to show you how to use the Split ...
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