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Gangsta rap beat FLStudio FLP

Gangsta Rap Beat

In this tutorial for FL Studio 11 I show you how to build a simple gangsta rap and hip hop beat using 3xOsc, default drums and a few plugins. As ...
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Fl Studio 11Uplifter Build up rise up

FL Studio tutorial Uplifter

In this FL Studio tutorial I will create a very easy uplifter with a snare drum and and 3xOsc. The pitch and the volume is used for rising with ...
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Creating an Automationclip with FLStudio for Sylenth1

Sylenth1 Automationclip with FL Studio 11

I currently use a great synthesizer VST plugin for FL Studio 11 called Sylenth1 (64 Bit). In this tutorial I will show you how to create an ...
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FL Studio tutorial Kick parametric EQ

FL Studio Kick Parametric EQ

In this short FL Studio tutorial I will show how to use the plugin Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to setup a kick drum. The goal is to cut away the ...
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