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Product Design with Blender, Fusion 360

Product Design with Blender and Fusion 360

Again I want to bring an amazing Blender and Fusion 360 tutorial from Claas Kuhnen to you, this one is about product design. (mehr …)
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Toothbrush model with Blender

Sculpting a toothbrush with Blender and Fusion 360

This is a long and very impressive Blender and Fusion 360 tutorial from Claas Kuhnen modeling a toothbrush. (mehr …)
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Blender robot kitbashing

Blender hardsurface kitbashing

A great Blender tutorial about hardsurface modeling and kitbashing with Blender 3D from the artist masterxeon1001. (mehr …)
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Blender comic character outline realtime

Cartoon character outline with Blender

Max Puliero shows us a cool feature in Blender in this tutorial: Realtime outline for a cartoon character which is a mustsee in my opinion. ...
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Goat character

Character with Blender, ZBrush and Substance Painter

This is a great sculpting and 3d painting tutorial by Pierrick Picaut you can follow along on his youtube channel. He is using the tools Blender, ...
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Blender anime character

Anime Character 3D Modeling with Blender

In this article we want to show you a tutorial series from Daniel Kreuter on how to model Anime Characters wit Blender. (mehr …)
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Albedo with a bit of red in shader

Texture painting Blender monster

The retopo and uv-unwrapping for the sculpting of my little monster in Blender is done, now I will texturepaint it in Blender. (mehr …)
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Rig Human Male Basemesh with Blender

Rig Human Male Basemesh with Blender

This is article about rigging a human male basemesh with Blender 2.69 for animation. The video is from Alimayo Arango, the explanations are very ...
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Quickprefs addon Blender

Quickprefs Addon Blender

I use a nice addon when sculpting with Blender which is really useful, it's called Quickprefs and comes with Blender 2.64. The main feature I use ...
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Monster skecth Blender

Sketch of monster for 3D sculpting

Yesterday I sketched a little monster, just an idea of a guy with 3 eyes and dangerous spikes that could kill. (mehr …)
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