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Hommage to Peter Stapleton's Gremlin Killer

Peter Stapleton’s Gremlin Guy

This is an hommage to one of my favourite artists and painters: Peter Stapleton. Of course this one is not as good as Peter's but I use this ...
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Self-portrait with own life

Self-Portrait Comic

This self-portrait is getting a bit out of control... could be a shock I think.
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Pyramid head idiot asking for help

Pyramid head idiot

This is the first comic strip of Pyramid head idiot in which he is asking a person to help him. (mehr …)
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Erwins timewarp: made with unity3d

Erwin’s Timewarp: FAQ

The game Erwin's Timewarp is released now as Early Access on steam! Thanks a lot to the community for the votes and to steam for the great opport...
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Some people – Charles Bukowski

Some people – Charles Bukowski

This is me reciting one of my favorite poems: Some people by the american poet Charles Bukowski. (mehr …)
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world disorder 2014

World Disorder 2014

This is a new track called World Disorder 2014. It will be released in a few days. The track contains dubstep and trap elements, strong bass and ...
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Cover Edm elctro track fail from jayanam


This track is produced by jayanam in July 2014 and it is a mix of electro house, echno and dubstep. We call this style nad genre EXO - Electro ...
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EDM electro track Falling from jaynam


This new beat I called Falling, it is a mix of electro, dance, trap - I really don't know, it's experimental, freestyle... well, just listen to it ...
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Beyond dark waves

Beyond Dark Waves – Beat

This is a dark and mystical beat, it has some trap parts, rap and hiphop influences but most of the times very custom and own style. I called it ...
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SlowMo water effect with digicam 240 fps

Slowmo Video Water

In this video I used my Canon Powershot SX230 HS to record a slow motion video with 240 FPS and a resolution of 320x240 pixel. In the first part ...
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