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Industrial Assets Unity 5

Industrial assets Unity 5

And again we updated our package of industrial buildings and props for Unity 5 - we used the new Unity shaders and added some assets and pbr ...
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Modal dialog for Unity UI

Unity3d Modal Dialog Asset

With this asset you can create modal dialogs in Unity 5 easily. The dialogs are based on the new Unity UI system and are highly customizable. ...
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Level save Unity3d

Store Unity3d state with Level Save

This is the documentation of a new asset we wrote to persist level data in Unity 3d. We used it in our game Erwin's timewarp and it will be ...
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Herbert starts conversation

Unity 3d Dialogue System tutorial

We added a Dialogue System, a Unity 3d asset, to our game Erwin's timewarp for conversations between characters. We are using this Dialogue System ...
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Monster skecth Blender

Sketch of monster for 3D sculpting

Yesterday I sketched a little monster, just an idea of a guy with 3 eyes and dangerous spikes that could kill. (mehr …)
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Unity3D Cutscenes with Cinema Director

We were searching for a good Unity 3d cutscene editor to add cutscenes to our game Erwin's timewarp. We found one: Cinema Director, which is a tool ...
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Ralin – Dwarf Wars

This is a review about the game Ralin (Dwarf Wars), a Rogue-like Hack and Slash RPG which is greenlit on steam. The game will be available for PC ...
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Healthbar Unity 4.6 UI

Unity 4.6 Healthbar Script C#

In our game Erwin's Timewarp the dog Erwin is very hungry. His hunger increases and this is visualized by the healthbar - so our bar is a kind of ...
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Click to Move Script Unity3D: Erwin’s Timewarp

Click to Move Script Unity3D: Erwin’s Timewarp

In the last article I introduced our new game we are currently developing: Erwin's Timewarp. The game is designed to run on mobile devices and one ...
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Unity UI touch asset with 2 virtual joysticks

uGUI Unity mobile Touch control

We are proud to present our new touch control asset in version 2 for mobile games using Unity-3D's new UI egnine uGUI. (mehr …)
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