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Start of mission3 tankmissionz

Tankmissionz online

We are proud to present our game tank-missionz in the Unity-Webplayer here on the page. The game is an FPS in which you have to control a tank, ...
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Save highscore in tankmissionz

Highscores Tankmissionz

Here you can see the leaderboard for the game Tank-Missionz for each mission. When you completed a mission you can save your score to this leader...
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Startscreen of the mobile game Tankmissionz

Tank Missionz

Here are the first screenshots of our mobile game Tank-Missionz, a FPS in which you have to survive missions with your tank, destroy robots and ...
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Window for a house with extrude in Blender

Extrude and Size with Blender

This is a Blender-tutorial in which we demonstrate how to use the Extrude- and Size-methods to model a small house for example with a window or a ...
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Plane with a texture in blender

UV-Texture mapping with Blender

In this tutorial we describe how you map a texture with UV-coordinates to a mesh with blender. We will create a simple Plane, rotate it, define a ...
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