This is my art portfolio with digital paintings I painted with Krita and Photoshop. I use Wacom 13 HD Cintiq tablet for painting. I will add tutorials on my drawing process and techniques soon.

Dream red

This one is painted with krita 2.9.11, I will add a tutorial on how I did it and which brushes I used.


This is a grayscale painting made with Krita 2.9.11, I used air bush, chalk brush and pencil 2B.


This image is influenced by a photograph of victims of a napalm attack during Vietnam war.

Finger skull

Finger skull digital painting made with Krita 2.9.10, I used airbush and pencil 2B

Gremlin killer - Peter Stapleton tribute

This is one of my first paintings and a tribute to one of my favourite concept artists Peter Stapleton.