We are a team of developers and modellers offering the following services:

3D Models

We are creating 3D-characters or other 3D-models with software like Blender, ZBrush or 3D-Coat. You can send us sketches or ideas in any other format and we will create the 3D-models for you. We do the full workflow of design, creation of the high-poly models, sculpting, polypainting, texturing and finally the creation of the low-poly models.

3D Rigging

You have a 3D-model but you need somebody to insert the bones and joints so that you can add animations to the model? No problem. Send us the model (e.g. in obj-format) and we will add the armature to it.

3D Animations

You can get animations from us that we capture as bvh-files. This files can be received separately or we can add these to a model for you. We can also animate your model with Actions that you can use in Unity gameengine for example.

All in all we can create game-ready models for you, designed by your ideas and wishes! Just tell us what you need and we will find a solution.

Unity 3D Games

We are developing games with the Unity engine. If you have an idea for a game or need somebody to support you with your game-development you can hire us.

Software development

We assist you with our knowledge of C++, C#, JAVA, PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript, JQuery and Databases (MySQL, MSSQL) in your projects.

Just write an email with your requirements and we will respond with a fair offer: jayanam.games@gmail.com

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